Part Number Product Description Spec. Sheets
10600-AD Stainless Steel VoIP Wallplate-Blank      
10600-BJ-XX Banana Jack to Set Screw Adapter Insert (pair)      
10600-BLA-XX Blank Insert      
10600-BLB-XX Flush-Mount Bezel Insert      
10600-BLC-XX Recessed Bezel Insert      
10600-BLF-XX SC/LC2 Bezel Insert      
10600-BNCF-XX BNC Coupler Insert      
10600-BP-XX Binding Post to Set-Screw Adapter Insert (pair)      
10600-DPY-SS Stainless Steel Double-Gang Wallplates      
10600-DPYY-XX Classic Double-Gang Wallplates      
10600ET-6-XX Single-Row `ET' 6P6C Voice Jack      
10600-FYG-XX F-Style Coupler Insert      
10600-HDMI-XX HDMI Coupler Insert      
10600-HDMI-Y-WH HDMI Decor Insert      
10600H-Y-XX 90-degree Voice Jack - DISCONTINUED      
10600K-Y-XX Cat3 Voice `KwikJack'      
10600-LC-MM4-WH LC Fiber Optic MM Coupler Insert      
10600-LC-SM-WH LC Fiber Optic SM Coupler Insert      
10600MMA-XX Flush Voice & Data Wallplate      
10600-MMB-XX Flush Voice, Data, & Video Wallplate      
10600-MTRJ-XX Bronze MTRJ Fiber Optic Coupler - DISCONTINUED      
10600-PD1S-XX Screwless Single-Gang Décor Wallplate      
10600-PDFA-WH Decor Brush Insert      
10600-PDFB-XX Blank Décor Mounting Frame      
10600-PDFY-XX Décor Mounting Insert      
10600-PDY-XX Décor Wallplates      
10600-PxSL-WH Screwless Wallplates      
10600-PXW-SS Stainless Steel Single-Gang Wallplates w/ID      
10600-PYAW-XX Angled-Port ID Window Wallplates      
10600-PY-SS Stainless Steel Single-Gang Wallplates      
10600-PYW-XX Flush-Port ID Window Wallplates      
10600-PY-XX Classic Single-Gang Wallplates      
10600-RCA110-YY-WH RCA to 110-style Adapter Insert      
10600-RCAF-YY-XX RCA to F Adapter Insert      
10600-RCA-YY-XX RCA to RCA Coupler Insert      
10600-SB4-XX 4-Port Surface Box      
10600-SB6-XX 6-Port Surface Box      
10600-SBYA-XX Deep Surface Box for Shielded Jacks      
10600-SBY-XX 1 & 2-Port Surface Boxes      
10600-SC-MM-WH SC Fiber Optic MM Coupler Insert      
10600-SC-MM-XX Bronze SC Fiber Optic Coupler Insert - Discontinued      
10600-SC-SM-WH SC Fiber Optic SM Coupler Insert      
10600-SFJ2-WH Fiber Optic 2-Port Keystone Terminal Box      
10600-SFK2-WH Fiber Optic 2-Port Terminal Box      
10600-SPY-XX Oversized Classic Wallplates      
10600-ST-MM-WH ST Fiber Optic MM Coupler Insert      
10600-ST-SM-WH ST Fiber Optic SM Coupler Insert      
10600-SV110-WH S-Video to 110 Adapter Insert      
10600-Y-XX Single-Row Voice Jack - DISCONTINUED      
10605ER-XX Single-Row Cat5E Data Jack - DISCONTINUED      
10605ET-XX Single-Row Cat5E `ET' Data Jack      
10605FS Shielded Cat5E Data Jack      
10605H-XX 90-degree Cat5E Data Jack - DISCONTINUED      
10605K-XX Cat5E Data `KwikJack'      
10606A Cat6A Data Jack for UTP - DISCONTINUED      
10606AK-XX Cat6A Data `KwikJack'      
10606AS Shielded Cat6A Data Jack - Tool-less      
10606ASH Shielded Cat6A Data Jack - Siver      
10606ASH-XX Shielded Cat6A Data Jack - W/Color      
10606C-XX Single-Row Cat6 Data Jack - DISCONTINUED      
10606ET-XX Single-Row Cat6 `ET' Data Jack      
10606FS Shielded Cat6 Data Jack      
10606F-XX 180-degree Cat6 Data Jack - DISCONTINUED      
10606H-XX 90-degree Cat6 Data Jack - DISCONTINUED      
10606K-XX Cat6 Data `KwikJack'      
10630FS-XX F-Coupler Wallplate      
10630S-Y-XX 1-Port Flush Voice Jack (Screw Termination)      
106MF-3-XX 3-Port Furniture Faceplate      
106MF-4-XX 4-Port Furniture Faceplate      
110-110PC-XX Cat5E 110-Style Patch Cord      
110625-Y-XX 1-port Surface Voice Jack (Punchdown Termination)      
110630D-Y-XX 2-Port Flush Voice Jack (Punchdown Termination)      
110630F-4-XX Flush Voice Jack w/ F-Coupler      
110630-Y-XX 1-Port Flush Voice Jack (Punchdown Termination)      
110A2 110-style Cable Trough w/ Legs      
110A-50 Cat5E 110 Wiring Block for 89 Bracket      
110AWB-XXX Cat5E 110 Wiring Blocks w/ Legs      
110B1 110-style Cable Trough w/o Legs      
110C-X Cat5E 110-Style Clip      
110PCC-4 Cat5E 110-Style Connector      
110PCC-X Cat3 Cat5E 110-Style Connectors      
110PH Wiring Block Label Holder (6 ct.)      
110PS Wiring Block Label Strip (6 ct.)      
110RM-YYY-X Cat5E Rack-Mount 110 Field Termination Kits      
110VWM-300 110 Tower Wire Manager      
110WB-XXX Cat5E 110 Wiring Blocks w/o Legs      
110WMT-XXX-Y Cat5E Tower Mount 110 Field Termination Kits      
110Y-YXXXFT Wall-Mount Cat5E 110 Field Termination Kits      
13625-Y-XX 1-Port Surface Voice Jack (Screw Termination)      
16267-XX Voice T-Adapter      
17159-C6AS Data In-line Coupler Cat6A Shielded      
17159-C6S Data In-line Coupler Cat6 Shielded      
17159-Y-IV Voice Couplers      
17159-YY-XX Data Coupler Inserts      
183AXM 2x2 Metal Backboard      
183AXW 2x2 Wood Backboard      
183BXM 4x2 Metal Backboard      
183BXW 4x2 Wood Backboard      
183CXM 1x2 Metal Backboard      
183CXW 1x2 Wood Backboard      
187A1M 2x4 Metal Mushroom Board      
187A1W 2x4 Wood Mushroom Board      
187B1M 2x8 Metal Mushroom Board      
187B1W 2x8 Wood Mushroom Board      
187C1M 1x8 Metal Mushroom Board      
187C1W 1x8 Wood Mushroom Board      
1900-CSX Single-Sided Shelves      
1900-DSSX Double-Sided Shelves      
198A1M 1x4 Metal Mushroom Board      
198A1W 1x4 Wood Mushroom Board      
200W-X Single Twisted Pair Cross-Connect Wire - DISCONTINUED      
2012-24C6A 24-Port CAT6A PATCH PANEL      
2012-48C6A 48-Port CAT6A PATCH PANEL      
2013-06C5E 6-Port Cat5E Data Patch Box      
2013-06C6E 6-Port Cat6 Patch Box      
2013-12DC5E 12-Port Cat5E Data Patch Block      
2013-12DC6E 12-Port Cat6 Patch Block      
2013-12F-B 12-Port Cat5E Data Patch Box      
2013-12FM 12-Port Blank Patch Block      
2013-48C5E1U Ultra High-Density Cat5E Patch Panel      
2013-48C61U Ultra High-Density Cat6 Patch Panel      
2013-XXC3 High-Density Cat3 Voice Patch Panel      
2013-XXC5E High-Density Cat5E Data Patch Panel      
2013-XXC5EA 6-Pack Style Cat5E Patch Panel      
2013-XXC6E High-Density Cat6 Data Patch Panel      
2013-XXC6EA 6-Pack Style Cat6 Patch Panel      
2013-XXFM Ultra High-Density Blank Patch Panel      
2013-XXFP High-Density Blank Patch Panel      
2013-XXHD All Metal High-Density Blank Patch Panel      
2013-XXMJP Low-Density Blank Patch Panel      
2016-BPXXX Blank Panel      
2016-FDX Finger Duct Wire Manager Panel      
2016-HWXXXX Panel Screws      
2016-WBVXXX Vertical Wall Bracket      
2016-WBXXX Hinged Horizontal Wall Bracket      
2016-WM1 Pass-Thru Cable Manager, 1RU      
2016-WMPB1 Rack-Mount Cable Trough      
2016-WMPXC 5-Ring Wire Manager Panel      
2022-24A Staggered 24-Port Blank Patch Panel      
2022-24AG Compact High-Density Blank Patch Panel      
2022-XXAS Grounded Blank Patch Panel      
20630S-Y-XX 2-Port Flush Voice Jack (Screw Termination)      
20X Wire Spool      
26630AC-Y Plastic Wallphone Wallplate      
26630AD-Y Stainless Steel Wallphone Wallplate      
26630B-4-XX Plastic Wallphone Wallplate-Screwless      
30A Split D-Ring      
3140-14 Blade for 3140-DY Punchdown Tool      
3140-14B 110-Block Blade for 3140-DY Punchdown Tool      
3140-DYA Single-Wire Impact Tool      
3140-PTB Palm Tool for Jacks      
3180-DY Jacket Stripper/Wire Insertion Ring Tool      
3190-KT `KwikTool'      
3200-ET ET Jack Termination Tool      
350CYY-XX Unbooted Cat5E Patch Cord      
350EYY-XX Slim-Booted Cat5E Patch Cord      
350GYY-XX Snagless Cat 5E Patch Cord      
400PR-C5E Cat5E Data Plug      
400PR-C6 Cat6 Data Plug      
400PR-C6A Cat6A Plug      
400PRS-C5E Shielded Cat5E Data Plug      
400PRS-C6 Shielded Cat6 Data Plug      
400PRS-C6ASI Cat6A Shielded Industrial Plug      
400PR-XXSO Plug for Round Cable      
400PS-C8A CAT8 PLUG (small O.D.)      
400PS-C8C CAT8 PLUG (Larger O.D.)      
400P-XX Plug for Flat Linecord      
400W-X Silver Satin Line Cord      
401PR-C5E Cat 5E data plug - Pass Through      
401PR-C6 Cat 6 data plug - Pass Through      
401PR-C6A Cat 6A data plug - Pass Through      
401PRS-C6 Cat 6 Shielded data plug - Pass Through      
401PRS-C6A Cat 6A Shielded data plug - Pass Through      
40A-XX J-Hooks      
600ASXX-YY Shielded Cat6A Patch Cord      
600CYY-XX Unbooted Cat6 Patch Cord      
600EYY-XX Slim-Booted Cat6 Patch Cord      
600GYY-XX Snagless Cat 6 Patch Cord      
610-610PC-XX Cat6 610-Style Patch Cord      
610AWB-XXX Cat6 110 Wiring Blocks w/ Legs      
610B-XXXFT Wall-Mount Cat6 110 Field Termination Kits      
610C-4 Cat6 610-Style Clip      
610PCC-4 Cat6 610-Style Connector      
610RM-XXXFT Cat6 Rack-Mount 110 Field Termination Kits      
610WB-XXX Cat6 110 Wiring Blocks w/o Legs      
610WMT-XXX Cat6 Tower Mount 110 Field Termination Kits      
630DGMB-XX 2" Deep Double-Gang Mounting Box      
630MBD-XX 2" Deep Single-Gang Mounting Box      
66BC-SS Bridging Clips for 66-Block      
66BMXX-X Wired 66-Blocks w/ Modular Jacks      
66BXX Wired 66-Blocks w/ Telco Connectors      
66DS2-7 Wired 66-Block w/ `Hydra' Cable (RJ45)      
66M1-50-xx Unwired 66-Block      
66M1C-XX Hinged Cover for 66-Block      
6800-CR Crimping Tool for Modular Plugs      
788JH1-X Impact Tool Heads      
788JS 110 Impact Tool Handle      
800-F102 Universal Mounting Bracket      
800-F14-X 14" Media Center Cabinet      
800-F201-X 1GHz Video Splitters      
800-F202-X 2GHz Video Splitters      
800-F28-X 28" Media Center Cabinet      
800-F305E-8 Cat5E Data Module      
800-F306-8 Cat6 Data Module      
800-F401-8 Master Voice Module      
800-F402-8 Expansion Voice Module      
800-F42-X 42" Media Center Cabinet - DISCONTINUED      
800-F501-8 1x8 Audio Module      
800-FLK Cam Lock for Media Cabinet Doors - DISCONTINUED      
850-P305E-6 Data Board Cat 5E - 6 Port      
850-P306-6 Data Board Cat 6 - 6 Port      
850-P9-XX Recessed 9-inch MDU Cabinet with Voice & Data Modules Options      
860-PA-XX Surface-Mount Mini Cabinet with Voice, Data & Video      
89B B-style Bracket for 66-Block      
89D D-style Bracket for 66-Block      
900-FRM2-6A Rack-Mount Fiber Optic Enclosure, 2RU      
900-FRM2-6C Premium Rack-Mount Fiber Optic Enclosure, 2RU      
900-FRM-3A Rack-Mount Fiber Optic Enclosure, 1RU      
900-FRM-3C Premium Rack-Mount Fiber Optic Enclosure, 1RU      
900-FWM-1 Wall-Mount Fiber Cabinet - 1 Panel      
900-FWM-2 Wall-Mount Fiber Cabinet - 2 Panels      
920A-LC2-6 12-Fiber LC Fiber Optic SM Adapter Panel      
920A-LC2-6-AQ 12-Fiber LC MM Adapter Panel      
920A-LC4-6 24-Fiber 6-Quad LC Fiber Optic SM Adapter Panel      
920A-LC4-6-AQ 24-Fiber 6-Quad LC Fiber Optic OM4 Adapter Panel      
920A-SC-12 12-Fiber SC Fiber Optic SM Adapter Panel      
920A-SC-12-AQ 12-Fiber SC Fiber Optic MM Adapter Panel      
920A-SC-6 6-Port SC Fiber Optic SM Adapter Panel      
920A-SC-6-AQ 6-Port SC Fiber Optic MM Adapter Panel      
920A-ST-6 6-Port ST Fiber Adapter Panel      
920-B6K Fiber Optic Panel W/ 6 Empty Keystone Ports      
920-BLA Blank Filler Panel      
920-E6P Fiber Optic Panel W/ 6 Empty SC Ports